Auto Accident Injury Testimonials

Daniel R's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr. Brian is one of the best chiropractors out there hands down. He really cares about his patients and does everything he can to make you better. There's state of the art equipment and his staff is top notch at helping provide treatments on top of the adjustments from Dr. Brian. I was recommended this place a few years ago due to a car accident related injury. He was able to see me the next day on a Sunday (day off) and help me with the pain from the accident. Fast forward to now and was in another rear end accident and this is the first place I came for treatment. Definitely recommend at least the free consultation if you are on the fence about coming here. They have the best staff and equipment to get you back on you feet and feeling great again.

Daniel R.Roseville, California
Kelli D.'s review on Yelp for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

After being rear ended by someone two years ago, I decided to search for a Chiropractor because I wasn't feeling better after being treated by my doctor at Kaiser. By some miracle, while searching online, I came across Dr. Van Wagenen with Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville. I was a little apprehensive because I hadn't been to a chiropractor, but he made me feel very comfortable with his recomended treatment plan. He listened to my concerns every step of the way and after several weeks I started to feel much better. Not only did he help with the pain and stiffness from the accident, but he also helped with other pain and limited range of motion problems I was experiencing. After my treatment plan was complete and I was not experiencing pain or other problems from the accident, I decided to set up a long term plan with Dr. Van Wagenen because to this day he still helps my body and spirit feel better after each Chiropractic treatment. He treats the whole patient and offers other therapies that result in better outcomes for each individual patient. He also offers a weight loss program that is very effective. Thank you Dr. Van Wagenen for helping with my pain and overall health. You truly have improved my quality of life.

Kelli D.Roseville, California
Eliabeth S's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I found the Wellbeing Health Center by accident one day googling massage therapy for auto accidents, I was in 2 in less than 1-1/2yrs, I called and was able to set up a consultation right away. I Went into the office and met with the ladies up front, who had been a huge help, going into full details on how they work etc., I than met with Dr. Brian and had an X-ray done. Which let me say you don’t really realize what your spine and back looks like until you have that done. For so many years I went through a lot of trauma with my body, besides severe scoliosis, sciatic issues and lived with so much pain it got to a point most days I couldn’t even function, let alone walk, drive, not even sleep comfortably. I was asked what is one thing you are looking for and honestly with tears in my eyes I said “I’m ready for a new life”. My first visit after reviewing my X-rays, mind you this is my first time doing anything like this, he changed so much SO MUCH for me. He told me what I was allergic to food wise, since I also lived with constant pain in my stomach, he did an adjustment, gave me orthopedic soles for my shoes, and supplements for my stomach. My first adjustment within In seconds for the first time I feel in life I was actually was able to stand up and walk around his table with no pain, like none at all. I started taking the supplements to help my stomach issues and within that first day besides for once no pain just to function I was finally living with no pain in my stomach. I couldn’t stop telling everyone I think he’s really going to change my life like seriously change it, I could never express before how I wanted to feel just better, And after my first visit I was so happy I had so much energy. I have been going now for a couple of months his hours are so convenient I go in before work without missing pay, he listens to me, makes you feel comfortable and I’m not one to relax very well but I always do at my visits. For the first time in 41yrs of life it feels so incredibly good to feel good inside, which I didn’t think was possible to do. I truly appreciate Dr. Brian so much for changing life for me and making me now feel like I have a brighter future living pain free, especially as a future RN. I am so glad I found him I appreciate his help more than I can ever express.

Eliabeth S.Roseville, California
Kimbriana W.'s review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr. Brian VanWagenen has made a huge difference in my life. I was in a motorcycle accident back in May 2021. I broke 5 bones in my back, 4 ribs, and 3 in my neck. For quite some time I was in a back brace and a neck brace. Just recently I fell down my stairs and re-broke 4 bones in my back. At that point I was desperate for help. Well Being Health Center was recommended to me. I called and made an apt 3 weeks ago. I have been going to this Chiropractor 2-3 times a week and it has made a huge difference. I couldn't even breathe without hurting before coming here. Now I feel some normality. I could not be more grateful! Thank you Well Being Chiropractic. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Life saver!!!!

Kimbriana W.Roseville, California
Ava B's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr. Van Wagenen truly cares about his patients- every time I go in for an appointment he spends time talking to me about how I am feeling, and I always feel like he is truly listening. He wants more than anything to heal people from their pain and his passion shines through in his work. I have only had a couple appointments and am already feeling great relief from my neck pain from a car accident. I am so excited to continue this journey and get back to 100%!

Ava B.Roseville, California
Pierre M's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Coming here has been a Godsend. A few years ago I was in a terrible auto accident. I felt and walked like a crippled old man. The Doctor did his work on me and it was the best decision I've ever made....All better. Last week I took a fall - putting my back and leg into excruciating pain. Back to the Doctor - within a week I was walking with no pain. I highly recommend this place. Well Being Chiropractic is my lifeline to a better life.

Pierre M.Roseville, California
Dawn M's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I got into a car accident over the weekend. I walked into the office like a 90 year old woman hunched over and aching all over. I walked out feeling like myself again! Dr Brian truly loves and cares about the well being of every single person that walks through his door. When I'm there, I feel safe. Like family. It's a place of healing and positive energy and I trust him to fix my aches and pains with his adjustments, therapies and positive energy every time!!! Thank you Dr. Brian!!!

Dawn M.Roseville, California
Sergey G's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr. Brian is friendly and knowledgeable. His staff is awesome! Every visit, they take the time to find out what's bothering you and treat you in those specific areas. I was in a car accident in December, and am already feeling a lot better after receiving treatment for a month. Would highly recommend Dr. Brian to everyone!

Sergey G.Roseville, California
Kelli C's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I have been suffering with severe pain for over 29 years from multiple injuries I sustained in a serious car accident and after seeing many different doctors during that time and not getting much if any relief or healing my sister recommended I come to Well Being Chiropractor to be treated by Dr Van Wagenen. I have been receiving treatments for 6 weeks and it has truly been miraculous the results we have already seen. With a combination of changing my diet, taking supplements my body needed and getting adjustments I am finally able to go an entire day without limitations or pain and I am sleeping through the night for the first time in almost 30 years! As an added bonus I have lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks which is wonderful. Thank-You Dr Van Wagnen for giving me my life back!

Kelli C.Roseville, California

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