Headache & Migraine Testimonials

Tiana U's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr. Brian and his team made me feel very welcomed as soon as I arrived. This was my first chiropractor appointment and I didn’t know what to expect. I have been in non stop pain for nearly 2 weeks with horrible sciatic pain in my lower back and have struggled with tension headaches for as long as I can remember. The pain has been so bad I’ve been to the emergency room twice and given a bunch of pain medication. I don’t just want to numb the pain I wanted to truly identify the problem and correct it the holistic way. Dawn his assistant made me feel at home at the office, she asked me very detailed questions to find out exactly what’s going on with my body. I feel an immense amount of peace after my first visit. I was educated on my body and how it functions, which is helpful when trying to understand your pain and how to work with it. He gives you an exam and a through explanation on why and what is going on with your body and how to correct the issue. I was in tears because for the first time in my life I feel actually seen by a doctor and that he will be able to help heal my chronic pain. I am so thankful!

Tiana U.Roseville, California
Jacalyn S's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr. Brain Vanwagenen has quite literally saved my life this last week. I had the WORST pain in my jaw that lead to headaches and Constant pain. Between his adjustments and the supplements he gave me I was able to get off all other medications and felt better within a couple days! So grateful for all the help he has been able to provide me! Couldn’t recommend Dr.Vanwagenen enough!!

Jacalyn S.Roseville, California
Melissa M's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr VanWagenen is a very personable, caring, intelligent, kind, and well rounded Chiropractor. He is a miracle worker. He has helped me with my back, neck, leg, and headache pain. I recommend to everyone I know. If you are looking for a chiropractor you can trust this is the one!

Melissa M.Roseville, California
Chris F's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr.Van Wagenen helped me so much with an allergy problem I was suffering from. He was able to identify not only the problem but also the cause and provided a remedy to alleviate the issue. He is very personable and I felt very comfortable with him. I highly recommend him!

Chris F.Roseville, California
steponhazel2's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Dr. Van Wagenon was great! He was very professional and helpful and puts you at ease. I had a lot of issues with my lower back, migraines, and old injuries. I felt so much better after seeing Dr. Van Wagenon thank you!

steponhazel2Roseville, California
ILYA S's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I am a Chiropractor who practices in San Rafael, CA. I am incredibly picky regarding what chiropractor I go to see for my health. Once a month I travel 2 hours to see Dr. VanWagenen and it is well worth the drive. Dr. VanWagenen is a very skilled adjustor who has studied advanced adjusting methods. He is also incredibly knowledgable and well versed about nutrition, herbs and homeopathy. I was low on energy and had some headaches and back pain before seeing Dr. Van Wagenen and after just a few visits the back pain was gone and my energy went up and stayed up. If you are looking for a great all-in-one doctor who can help you get more out of life, then Dr. Van Wagenen would be just that Doctor. Thanks Dr. VanWagenen

ILYA S.Roseville, California

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