Hip, Knee & Ankle Testimonials

Kyle Z's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I met dr. Brian at the Parker seminar for chiropractors in Las Vegas. I am an exhibitor for a marketing company so I have to spend hours and days standing up on my feet. I have had knee injuries which have resulted and lots of lower back pain. I also have pain that shoots down my leg and causes lots of discomfort. Dr. Brian took me to a table and started to work on me I have been adjusted before but never as thoroughly and careful as he did. He showed me things I had never seen and educated me about my body in more detail than I have ever experienced. For about 15 minutes, he manually manipulated my body into different positions and adjusted me. Throughout the process, there was a relief in pain, but at the end of the process I was completely and fully relieved of all pan. I want to thank dr. Brian for the quality of care he provided me at the Parker seminar and I strongly recommend everybody that is seeking chiropractic care to try and work with his clinic.

Kyle Z.Roseville, California
Crystal T.'s review on Yelp for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I began seeing Dr. Van Wagenon when I was 36 weeks pregnant and having hip pain. He was able to help relieve some of my pain as well as add some supplements to help me sleep towards the end of my pregnancy. (yay!) I believe the adjustments and supplements helped with my delivery as well as kept me going those first few months with my newborn. Now both my daughter and I see Dr. Van Wagenon for tune ups. Highly recommend!

Crystal T.Roseville, California
M.K's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Great doctor!!!! I started going to Dr. Vanwagenen in 2019. I could barely walk because of the pain in my knees, and I had tons of pain in my neck and shoulders, but the worse thing was the total lack of energy. Dr. Vanwagenen was easy to talk to and showed that he cared and was able to get my energy flow up and my pain to disappear. Now there is no pain in my neck and shoulders. Left knee is excellent, my right knee is better, and my energy is high. If you want to get on the track of getting healthy, Dr. Vanwagenen would be my first stop.

M.K.Roseville, California
Danielle B's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

So grateful my fiance found Dr. Van Wagenen! I've had constant hip popping and lower back pain for years and I really felt a difference on the first visit. I was able to drive & sit more comfortably than I have in months! He truly cares & wants to see me healthy inside & out. That's really hard to find these days and I can't be more grateful for him & his staff for helping us both out!

Danielle B.Roseville, California
Amir A's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

About four years ago, I came to Dr Brian with unbelievable lower back pain that was affecting my daily work. I didn't know what to do, and I was about to go for surgery to get rid of the pain. My friend recommended getting a second opinion by seeing his chiropractor. I visited him, and he started my treatment a few days later. A few weeks later, I was able to get my life back without pain! The Dr knows what he is doing, and he can help you!

Amir A.Roseville, California
Valeriy F's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

After my family doctor prescribed me a fist full of pain killers and luck for my scoliosis and arthritis, I went to see Dr. Brian. I hobbled into his office one day with no hope, Dr. Brian immediately reassured me that he would restore my mobility and keep me relatively pain free. I had my doubts. I’m so glad he proved me wrong. It’s been about 10 months. I’m a young father of two beautiful kids that I can keep up with now. The best thing I did was to trust Dr. Brian with his unique treatment plan.

Valeriy F.Roseville, California
Jonah L's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I’ve been in low back and leg pain for nearly 3 years now. (And I’m only 20!) I’ve been to plenty of chiropractors and taken plenty of x rays... and the same result has come up everytime- that nothing is wrong! Well obviously something has been wrong for years, and Dr. Van Wagenen figured out the underlying problems that were causing my pain. Now, I’m able to walk without pain, and feel more at peace with my body. I seriously recommend him and his work to EVERYONE.

Jonah L.Roseville, California
Phillip v's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

Came in unable to walk from a bulged disc and this is the first chiropractor that I have ever been to that was able to provide relief. Very appreciative for his continued overall health advice and friendly staff. Truly wants to help

Phillip v.Roseville, California
Stefanie T's review on Google for Well Being Chiropractic in Roseville

I can't even begin to try to explain the difference in my life Dr Brian has made! No words are enough. I have been a patient for 10 months. I was in pain everyday, my neck, back, hips, pretty much all over. I battled severe migraines and depression. He has worked in detail with every part of my body to get me to where I am now. My pain has decreased extremely and my headaches are very seldom. Not only that, about 7 months ago, with the help of Dr. Brian, I made the decision to stop taking my depression medication. He helped guide me with supplements that made it reasonably easy to make the transition off of it. I am living everyday happier, healthier, a better mom of 5, and wife. I can play with my kids more! I am eating healthier and loving life again. I have first hand seen him making miracles! Not only has he helped me, but also my mom. She was in such bad shape when she started her journey with him. She told me everyday that she wished her life would end. It hurt my heart to see her that way. He saved her. She now, after 9 months, is back to her normal self, something I honestly thought I would Never see again. To everyone......... He is such a gift to this world, He is amazing, loving and truly cares about people. He Can Help You!

Stefanie T.Roseville, California

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