Sports Massage Education

About Sports Massage

* The videos below are solely for educational purposes and may not reflect the services or treatments offered in our office. Please review our Treatments Page to learn more about the services and treatments we offer.

If you're an athlete, you know how important it is to take care of your muscles and joints. Muscle aches and stiffness can lead to injury, and vigorous exercise can injure your tissues. Sports massage may help. It's designed to care for athletes, but this technique can be helpful for anyone.

Chiropractic care for athletic injuries in Roseville
Athletic Injury Care
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Chiropractic care for elbow pain in Roseville
Elbow Pain Care
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Chiropractic care for knee pain in Roseville
Knee Pain Care
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Chiropractic for carpal tunnel syndrome in Roseville
Carpal Tunnel
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